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Restorations in Dartmouth

Damage to your teeth can be distressing. Whether it’s from decay or an injury, we can restore your smile with dental restorations. Most of our restorations are available in tooth-coloured material so your smile will look good as new!

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Cavities in your teeth are caused by decay. If the cavity gets deep enough it can cause a toothache and it can put the pulp of the tooth at risk of infection. Fillings restore the tooth by filling the cavity and protecting the tooth from further damage.


Dental crowns, or caps, are artificial teeth that fit over natural teeth. Crowns restore teeth that are badly damaged by injury or decay and they are also used to restore teeth after root canal treatment. Crowns can be made from metal or tooth-coloured ceramic or porcelain.


Sometimes a tooth is too badly damaged to be restored with a filling but doesn’t need to be restored with a crown. For these teeth we may recommend inlays. Inlays are made in a dental laboratory and placed within the damaged tooth to restore its function and strengthen it.


Onlays are a special type of inlay that is used to restore the biting surfaces of molars. These areas, called the cusps, must withstand the pressure of chewing so onlays are designed to be very strong.


A dental bridge is a replacement tooth that is attached to your natural teeth. They’re used to restore one or more missing teeth. Bridges can be attached by a variety of methods, depending on the location of the tooth to be restored. The replacement tooth is designed and shaded to match your natural teeth once the bridge is placed.

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